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No matter where and with which mean of transport your shipment will arrive or depart – a quick and trouble-free customs handling is an essential part of smooth logistics. Our customs team annualy clears customs for several thousand shipments and gives advises to our clients and partners in all topics related to customs and foreign trade.

And just in case you do not need the shipments to be cleared directly at arrival, we can offer our bonded warehouse storage. The necessary customs processes we will of course arrange for you.

Since Juli 1st 2011 we have the AEO status – authorized economic operator. This status is registered with German customs authorities and because of it we benefit from easier administration. Getting this AEO status is subject to extensive requirements in terms of reliability, financial capacity, past compliance with the relevant legislation and keeping specific safety standards. Once again it is a proof for the high standards which Global Warehouse and Logistics applies on its own operation.

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