Ocean freight

Container Hafen Global Warehouse
Our competent and friendly ocean freight team handles way more than 10.000 container units (TEU) per year for our clients. Starting with container placing at production sites in Far East Asia, via actual ocean freight arrangement up to hinterland deliveries and customs clearance in Europe – with us you can do one-stop-shopping. And if once you will run out of time, we will gladly help you out by arranging air freight or combined air+ocean shipments for you. We will always find the best solution for every shipment.

For all our services and products we put quality at first. To the carriers and transport providers we are in long-term relationships and continuously developing the quality of services. To avoid dependency, we don’t rely on a single provider but we have several options for any demand. This way we ensure to that we will always be able to serve our clients with the service required.

A short summery of our services:

  • Worldwide inbound logistics
  • Import- und Exporthandling
  • Container ocean-freight
  • Container dispatch
  • Container haulage
  • Air freight or combined Sea-Air-Transportation for urgent shipments
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Jutta McCalla
Container / Seefracht
Phone: +49 (0)4488 / 58 – 382
Fax: +49 (0)4488 / 58 – 510
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