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„Just double it“ – logistics with seasonal cargo

„Just double it!“ is the way Johan Geurts, managing director of Global Warehouse and Logistics, describes the seasonal high of cargo at this time of the year. With a smile he further explains: „The cargo volume jumps to more than double within a moment at the beginning of each year. The planning process of such a business however starts a lot earlier. To double capacities for in- and outbound handling at the warehouse up to three times of the normal average are a giant challenge – but we can do it.”

In every period of a year there are seasonal goods which need to be stocked in beforehand the delivery to the shops. As a matter of fact stock levels rise and handling volumes multiply themselves. This kind of challenge Global Warehouse and Logistics always approaches mutually with its customers.

“Already months before arrival of the seasonal goods we keep close contact to our clients. We calculate volumes and the corresponding demands in order to provide tailored-to-suit logistic concepts.” Frank Hagen explains. Hagen, who is responsible for warehousing within Global Warehouse and Logistics, further adds: ”Of course we cannot provide these services solely with own assets. We have a good network of experienced partners and so we are generally not frightened of any logistical challenge – no matter the volumes.

This business shall be further developed by Global Warehouse and Logistics in the future. Plug’n’Play solutions for seasonal cargo or certain customer promotions is just one of many topics which a flexible and contemporary logistic service provider needs to have at hands for its clients. “We are happy about every new RFQ” , concludes Geurts finally, “as each RFQ helps us to improve our services and solutions”.