Container unloading in the 21st century

Global Warehouse and Logistics GmbH is dedicated to its role as innovative leader in furniture and household goods logistics. For this reason we always strive to be up-to-date with technical developments that either improve our operational quality to the customer, the working conditions of our staff or ideally combine both of it. Lately we found such ideal technical solution in the Netherlands with the ”Carton Mover” provided by the same-named company.

The first machine out of a series of 8 Carton Movers was ordered by Global Warehouse and Logistics GmbH. During an initial demonstration at our site in Leinfelde already showed that a 40 ft container was emptied in approx. 1.5 hours. As many of our container-loading conditions lend themselves well to the unloading of double-decked cartons (two boxes on each other), the Carton mover was adapted according to our specifications to enable us to unload as many of these as possible. With these adjustments the discharge time dropped to approx. 1.2 hours per container. Adjacent to the Carton mover we have a buffer boxes conveyor installation from which two operatives stack the boxes from ergonomic height on the pallets.

This Carton mover-unloading concept is ideal for us in many ways, including Health & Safety, speed and efficiency. To achieve such goals Global Warehouse and Logistics GmbH does not simply take solutions from the markets but actively supports providers in development of it.