GWaL PL Innen 2014

Mission accomplished – logistics improved and stabilized

„It was not always easy, but it was certainly a success. The whole logistic is much more stable today than two years ago, “said Johan Geurts, General Manager of Global Warehouse and Logistics, about their activities in Poland.

It was more than 2 years ago, in spring 2014, when Global Warehouse and Logistics took over the warehouse logistics of the Polish company ABRA. As a well-known specialist for warehousing and handling of new furniture, Global Warehouse and Logistics gladly accepted the mission to optimize the cargo flows of one of the leading Polish retailer for furniture goods. “At that time the four existing regional warehouses of ABRA as well as their employees were taken over and now we return four regional warehouses and the workforce to ABRA, “explains Geurts. In the meantime, Global Warehouse and Logistics has relocated one site and implemented state-of-the-art warehousing technology together with a perfectly fitting infrastructure. Not least due to these actions, processes and productivity have become more stable and unit costs have been reduced.

„We met our target. As logistics experts we supported ABRA in a difficult period and strengthened logistic processes with our know-how and our expertise. Now we return a stable organization and warehousing structure, “concludes Geurts and addresses the entire staff in Poland: “We say thank you to all our employees in Poland that made this success possible as well as to ABRA for the trust-based cooperation.”

The Global Warehouse and Logistics group withdraws, at least for the time being, from Poland. But Johan Geurts gives a foretaste of the future: “In the medium term Poland remains, however, an interesting market being an agglomeration of the European furniture manufacturing industry. For us, as a specialized logistics service provider of the furniture and household goods sector, this market remains highly attractive.”